ALIS, Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodality

Who We Are

ALIS – Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodality was born in Rome on 17 October 2016, with the aim of “giving voice” to the intermodal logistic sector, that didn’t find the right answers in the already existing associations. ALIS is a transversal association gathering all the operators in the logistics sector: the founding members are very important companies in the transport and logistics sector, including shipping companies and road haulage companies. Thanks to the entrance of ports and interports, and the recent entrance of several universities, as honorary members, ALIS is a unique example of integration in the logistics chain.

Two years after its foundation A.L.I.S. is a network that counts more than 1,600 members companies, over 196,000 workforce units, a fleet of over 134,000 vehicles with more than 140,500 annual maritime connections and more than 130 Motorways of the Sea, more than 200,000 annual train connection,  more than 160 train lines and 32 billion euros of aggregate revenues

Members companies
Workforce units
Annual maritime connections
Motorways of the Sea
Annual train connections
Train lines
Billions € of aggregate revenues

Our Mission

ALIS entrepreneurs decided to be active part of a unifying project aiming at reaching very important goals, representing the association missions:

Internationalisation of the transport sector

It is essential to improve Italy’s competitiveness both on new markets and against international competitors. In this sense, companies operating in road haulage, rail transport and maritime transport, as well as all intermodal operators, have long been calling for the opportunity of working more at international level, thanks to the enhancement of European intermodal corridors affecting Italy.

Territorial continuity with main islands

Guaranteeing a real territorial continuity with Sicily and Sardinia, without state contributions and thanks to modern fleets, is a priority for the entire transport sector and for the entire country. To date, A.L.I.S. associates guarantee 2,700 weekly maritime connections to the main islands, a total of over 140,500 connections on an annual basis.

Relaunch of Southern Italy

The reduction of the gap between the North and the South of the country in logistics, economic and infrastructural terms, is a top priority for A.L.I.S. The relaunch of the South will indeed favour not only the companies of the South but also the Northern ones, which – thanks to the infrastructural development and the efficiency of intermodal and sustainable logistics – will be really able to broaden their reference markets.

Environmental sustainability

The reduction of the environmental impact caused by the transport of goods by land, with the control of CO2 emissions and polluting fine dust, is a specific directive of the European Union. A.L.I.S. was born to represent and promote intermodality: the combination of different modes of transport, from road transport to rail and maritime connections, in fact allows a reduction of CO2 emissions by 50% compared to a transport carried out exclusively by road. Companies associate to A.L.I.S. have long shown a strong sensibility towards environmental issues and many of them have already obtained the classifications by the International Certification Body R.I.N.A. for the use of means of transport designed and realized to minimize the environmental impact.


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