Focus on the South with the goal to put Italy on the move again with an agreement between companies, hauliers and institutions: this is the challenge promoted by ALIS, the association that represents over 1200 companies operating in the freight transport sector after only one year from its foundation.

Last Monday, at the Maritime Station in Naples, the consortium brought together 1000 delegates from the transport sector at the conference “SOUTH ITALY’S RELAUNCH THROUGH SUBSTAINABLE AND INTERMODAL LOGISTICS”. The mission is to provide Italy as soon as possible of an integrated transport plan. The conference was divided into three sessions.

The first one, with an entrepreunerial footprint, was dedicated to the “evolution of transport and logistics through sustainable modality”. The second one, entitled “the Relaunch of the South”, had a heavily institutional feature. The conference ended with “Il Salotto di ALIS”, whith the focus on new ways to make system in ports’ field. “The relaunch of the South is one of the mein them for our objectives. It will benefit entrepreuners from both North and South of Italy, because a more efficient logistics will increase trade opportunities. – these are the words pronounced by Guido Grimaldi, President of ALIS, at the begin of the Conference – Thanks to that, southern consumer will be able to by goods with a lower price, and southern companies will be able to be more competitive on foreign markets. Beside that, is important to focus on the strenght of southern entrepreuners. We can help Naples creating profits and a healthy entrepreneurship”. The two headlines Bari-Venice and Genova-Salerno together with the simplification of the bureaucratic procedures are two of the priorities pointed out during the conference. The vice-Minister Riccardo Nencini and the former Minister maurizio Lupi and the President of Campania Vincenzo De Luca are three of the lecturers invited to aswer to the entrepreuners questions. “Logistics – said vice-Minister Nencini – is a major opportunity of development for Region Campania and the all South. Indeed, the Ministry has a logistics plan attached to the Economic and Financial Document which provides impressive investments on intermodality and connectivity with rail and roads specially to tbig italian ports”. Unfortunately, these investments are often stopped by the the slowness of public administration.