SNOW PLAN 2017 – 2018

The Press release of Viabilità Italia about the Snow Plan 2017 – 2018 shows the measures adopted for a more effective management of traffic and any emergencies caused by the snow during winter.


These are the highlights of the schedule:

  • Continuous tracking of weather forecast elaborated by the Department of Protezione Civile in order to be able to have in the field men and vehicles of each structure adequate to the levels of alert designed and ready to implement the measures to manage the road network;
  • Realize appropriate technical interventions to the road surface: preventive treatment with gritters, contrast of atmospheric precipitation with snow plows, etc;
  • Constant and precise control of the road conditions and traffic. The aim is to provide in time measures like temporary cessation of heavy vehicles or deviations on alternative routes;
  • Strengthening of communication activity on conditions of practicability of streets and the necessary notices to users (through variable message panels all over the network or through C.I.S.S., R.A.I.- Isoradio and the other local radio-television information media.

This year, the winter plan had to take into account the roads scenarios of the four Regions of centre Italy hit by the Earthquake.

The same principles will be used for rail traffic: maximum attention to guarantee full functionality of trains and rails network, constant monitoring of the weather conditions, maintenance of the opening of the railway lines as long as possible considering the conditions of circulation, activation of Centri Operativi Territoriali if needed, optimization of traffic and transport capacity based on the weather conditions and prompt communication of updated rail traffic through the information’s channels of Gruppo FS Italiane.

To keep yourself constantly informed on the conditions of practicability of streets, freeways and rails:

  • Call the free number 1518 of C.C.I.S.S.;
  • Listen to the broadcasts of Isoradio (FM 103.3) and the news of Ondaverde (on Radio 1, 2 and 3);
  • Check the websites it and by smartphone and tablet;
  • Use the free app “iCCISS” for Iphone and “My Way Truck”;
  • Check the websites it,, and;
  • Check the website and the websites of the Motorway concession companies directly or through the website


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