Guido Grimaldi, President of ALIS, bring to government’s attention the delay of Marebonus’subsidy

“Marebonus is drowing. An incalculable loss for the economy of our Nation. Road haulage companies have believed in this tool and have invested in intermodal transport, supporting the environmental and safety policies promised by the Government.

It’s hard to understand the delay of Marebonus but overall there is uncertainty about the amount of investments required by shipping companies to have access for the incentives which subsequently have to transfer to road haulage companies.”

Commented Guido Grimaldi, President of ALIS, about the approval for incentives of Marebonus and Ferrobonus, that should guarantee an amount of 180 millions euros for years 2017-2018, based on budget law of 2016.

“There isn’t determination from the Government. We need – said Grimaldi – to set resources free and overtake the obstacles. While they speaks, inconveniences in the road haulage’s sector grow up. The common sense and the reason suggest to speak with European Commission to have loans directly for road haulage companies, like the last Ecobonus.”

“Companies could use subsidy in a reasonable, natural and smart manner. In this way, loan represents a great incentive for the whole logistics chain, so road haulage companies could choose the best shipping companies for their ferries, always wtih respect of European market rules.”

“I trust that we can finally arrive to a conclusion of this long and bureaucratic procedure – said ALIS’ leader – about concept of help can prevail the only one solution which finally will guarantee the success of Marebonus.”

“Nowadays there is the risk to destroying the good intentions and the job that we made until now. It’s creating obvious differences. On one hand there are loss for some operators, on the other hand there are the “privileged” who recive more than 70 millions euros per year. In this way there is a change of market rules, an unfair competition and differences are created when special positions are awarded, often unjustified, while who have made investments aren’t awarded. Pioneers and opportunity builders, between ship owners and road haulage companies.”

“Change course. ALIS and CONFALIS, which represents more than 300 thousand people, ask immediate actions” – Guido Grimaldi has finished “there are doubts about delays and silence of associative world, which isn’t able to represent companies of this sector neither to raise awareness of Government on this kind of touble.”

Less than a year, ALIS represents more than 1.210 associated companies, with more than 125.000 employees, over 80.000 trucks, more than 2.700 maritime links with islands per week and over 120 lines of Sea Highway. With its 200 offices ALIS is present on whole Italy.