At the ALIS General Assembly the Italian companies are represented for the first time as System.

The people of transports are reunited today for the General Assembly of ALIS. One year after the constitution of the Association of Logistics and Substainable Intermodality, numerous delegates of the companies of the logistics sector met at the Auditorium – Parco della Musica to discuss about the development of the sector. There were at the meeting companies of road and sea transport, public subjects like ports and airports, institutional and political authorities.

During this short period of activity, we have been able to bring back to the attention of public opinion and to the national political agenda the problem of transports’ developments and sustainable logistics in Italy” said Guido Grimaldi, ALIS President. “In my opinion, the first fundamental results have been obtained. We opened a constant and concrete dialogue between many subjects of the transports sector that ALIS represents and the political and institutional world, not only at a national level. In order to do that, we aggregated Italian and european members of logistics sector on a shared project, allowing them to have a common associative platform”.

The round table “The role of sustainable transport for the relaunch of Italy”, moderated by Bruno Vespa, has been at the centre of the event. Opened by the President of the Association, the round table had as authoritative speakers: Antonio Gentile, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Development, Gabriele Toccafondi, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research, Barbara Degani, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of the Environment, Mario Mattioli, President of Confitarma, Bernardo Mattarella, CEO of Banca del Mezzogiorno – Medio Credito Centrale and Roberto Nardella, President of Confimea, Confederazione Italiana dell’Impresa.

The General Assembly was also an opportunity to present CONFALIS to the large business representation. Born from the synergy between A.L.I.S. and Federazione Imprese, it is a new reality created to respond to the companies’ necessity to be more represented and catch the benefits of intermodality, no matter the sector they are part of. CONFALIS – who nowadays represents 33.000 companies and a total number of 320.000 workers – puts together those Associations and Federations who are more concerned with the wellness of Italian companies, always respecting and enhancing their autonomy.

Indeed, A.L.I.S. is an innovative form of associationism which puts the entrepreneur and his work at the centre of its program, in sharing common goals of different stakeholders.

During the first year of activity, A.L.I.S. focused, first of all, in the promotion of sustainability (a very current and urgent theme). Indeed, the development of sustainable intermodality is an ambitious objective which the Association pursue not only through its politic-associative role, but also through all the strategic decisions that our associates make every day.

The reduction of the environmental impact caused by the transport of goods by road and the combination of different types of transports (road, maritime and rail) guarantees a reduction of CO2 emissions from 40% to 60%. Those companies which decided to be part of A.L.I.S. gave the evidence of how much they care of the environmental theme. Indeed, our associates, using maritime services offered by new generations ships are already contributing heavily in reducing CO2 emission and, investing in LNG tractors and, soon, on electric trucks, these emissions will bring to further reductions.

The internationalisation of transports is another of A.L.I.S. macro objectives to increase the competitiveness of our country internationally. A.L.I.S., from this point of view, has always been in charge since its constitution to support the strengthening of those European intermodal corridors which are interesting to Italy.

A.L.I.S. is also focused on the territorial continuity for Sicily and Sardinia in order to keep it as a fundamental point of Italian transports’ policy. “It is nevertheless important to respect those rules which guarantee no distortion of competition – said President Guido GrimaldiClosing the gap between the North and the South is another of our objectives: we are convinced that the economic distance between demand, supply and cost of transport increases the geographical distance between the Regions with different economic development. This circumstance reduces the interactions of different markets and, therefore, the opportunity for our Country to create more competitive commercial trades”.

One word can easily sum up A.L.I.S. immediate future: efficiency. This great ambition will guide the whole sector towards important and concrete goals: digitalisation, decarbonisation and competitiveness.