On Tuesday the 14th, 2017, from 9.30 am, the excellence of Italian transports will meet in Rome at Auditorium Parco della Musica.

On Tuesday the 14th, 2017 the first General Assembly of A.L.I.S. – Association of Logistics and Substainable Intermodality will be held. A.L.I.S. was founded one year ago to represents concretely the necessities of those who operates every day in the transports and integrated logistics sector.

The Assembly will take place at Santa Cecilia room of Auditorium Parco della Musica at 9.30 am. It will give to the major Italian transports companies to discuss important themes such as the traffic developments, employment growth, environmental protection, safeguarding of our territory. The General Assembly will be opened by President Guido Grimaldi, followed by the round table The role of sustainable transport for the relaunch of Italy, moderated by Bruno Vespa.

“We are in the front row spreading all over Italy the culture of new responsible and sustainable modes of transports, which allows to the sector to grow ethically and legally – said Guido Grimaldi, President of A.L.I.S. – The Assembly will be the occasion to focus on the achievements of our first year and on activities that must be done to favour an even wider cooperation between the people of transport that we represent and the political and institutional world. Only through the cooperation between business and politic worlds – he added – Italy will be able to face properly the challenges of the near future such as: internationalization of transports, territorial continuity with Sicily and Sardinia, rebirth of the South Italy, environmental sustainability”.

The great associative project promoted by A.L.I.S. is based on the concrete necessity of the Italian business world to make system. A.L.I.S., from this point of view, decided to combine its efforts with the vision and the resources of Federazione Imprese: an Association which directs towards the national context the European funds and expertise, needed to the development of competitiveness on national and international markets, making them available to thousands of companies from many sectors.

Federazione Imprese and A.L.I.S. see the synergic vision as an opportunity to create value and a necessity to transform into reality, to make it available to Italian business system: this is the reason why they are the founding members of CONFALIS, a confederation of associations and federations which, respecting their own autonomy and identity, works to bring to the attention of European and national institus the nescessities and the hopes of companies.

CONFALIS, which represents nowadays 33.000 companies and a total of 320.000 workers, will take part of the General Assembly, making its results immediately usable to the represented companies and spreading the best practices over the territories.

Furthermore, the Confederation will use the General Assembly to keep giving shape, substance and identity to a great confederal and associative project that has as the main character the company of today that looks to the future.