Transport Operators choose Liquid Methane ALIS promotes launch of first LNG distributor

Padua, April 21, 2017 – Today, first LNG/LCNG station has been inaugurated at Logistics Hub of Padua: it’s the seventh Italian station where is possible get gas with liquid methane. During the event, 20 Iveco NP 400/LNG – methane vehicles designed for long distances – has been given to Autamarocchi Company, who has more or less 3000 vehicles and is one of A.L.I.S. (Association of Logistic and Sustainable Intermodality) Founders Member.

At the event, how promoter of this inauguration, there was ALIS General Director Marcello Di Caterina, who said: “This is a big step towards environmental sustainability. Companies who have chose to become part of ALIS reveal for long time great sensitivity to environmental safety: more of them have already obtained certifications from International Authorities for using of sustainable vehicles.” And again: “One of macroeconomics goals which ALIS wants to achieve from his birth is the decrease of environmental impact due to road freight transports.

The Association of Logistic and Sustainable Intermodality was born last October with the will to promote intermodal transport in Italy, making Italian companies aware of its advantages. Therefore, ALIS is the new organization wich coordinates operators of logistic industry: mono-vehicular truck drivers, shipping companies, rail companies, terminal, agencies and carriers.

From the start of its activity, ALIS has entered in operative phase, making concreete actions at national and international levels. One of these is the strong positive message that ALIS gave with the adhesion to the Memorandum of Understandings of the Maritime Technical Assistance, in Brussels: an important agreement to promote transport industry interests at the EU and to have an active rule in this sector.